How to Lose Weight

You can lose your weight with the military diet without doing extreme exercises or taking pills and without spending any money.  Making this diet is much cheaper than what you are eating right now. The combination of foods included in this diet is specifically designed to burn fat, speed up your metabolism and lose weight quickly. It is one of the best diets known to lose weight without making costly surgeries and dangerous. This diet is a combination of low calories, chemically compatible foods to make you lose weight.

For this diet you occupy discipline and determination. Those who fail with the diet feel hungry and low energy because they are used to eating lots of calories. This is how they got fat, eating more calories than they actually occupied. This diet works for an emergency situation. Imagine you have a graduation party for a friend or relative, a wedding, or your ex comes to town and you want him to know what was lost. If you want to do the long-term diet also works, you can lose up to many kilos in minimum months with this diet. Suffering a bit of hunger does not compare to the joy of wearing the clothes you want and looking good. Obese people spend billions of dollars a year on pills, services and products that claim to have the miraculous cure or the secret to store. Reaching your ideal weight is not that difficult with this diet. Do not spend your money on other diets that do not work. We are going to give you some tips to lose weight without making great efforts.  Small gestures that can have a great reward.

Healthy Foods:

Cook the steamed, baked, grilled, papillote or boiled foods “Roast the vegetables in their juice, until they are soft, so that they release their nutrients, which will alleviate your desire to eat sweet. And peel them to avoid swelling, Serve with a vinaigrette without salt and substitute vinegar or lemon, Dijon mustard or skimmed yogurt. For vegetable suggestion the best options are: lentils, chickpeas, beans and soybeans. They are low in fat, rich in protein and contain vitamins B and E, folic acid, minerals and lots of fiber. They also calm the appetite and help regulate blood sugar (which translates to accumulated fat) and intestinal transit. If you take fruits after a meal, they add up their sugars, which, being rapidly absorbed, they are immediately transformed into fat by the rise in insulin. However, before meals they have a satiating effect, due to their high water and fiber content and, in addition, they reduce appetite “, Kiwi, pineapple, melon and watermelon have fewer sugars. These are best anti-aging recipes for losing your weight fast, day by day.


Get together to exercise.  Instead of hanging out with friends to eat pizza, you should prefer to cite them in the park for exercise or at least to breathe fresh air. They can walk around a fountain or even go dancing. Add exercise to your life; try to combine your routine so that you always exercise.

If you dare, add the rollers or the bike to the ride. You can choose to learn to dance salsa or Arab dance or if you are calmer, yoga or Tai chi. Spinning is an excellent option to lose weight, for example. Also in the gyms are classes that combine aerobic with boxing. Look for enthusiasm, load your player with songs suitable for the gym and exercise, so you will be more willing to go for a walk or run instead of staying at home.

In short: you have to do cycling three times a week or go to the gym every day to lose weight, but not doing anything is not an option. “If you really hate doing sports , you should think more in natural terms of body movement, instead of spending two hours a week, you can get the same result by doing 5 to 15 minutes of moderate intensity exercises a day, such as walking dog or climb the stairs instead of the elevator.

It is clear that the search for activities that you like is the key to enjoy. Experiment until you find something that makes you feel good and positive, you can choose between many things, but honestly not doing absolutely any exercise is not an option.

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