How would you prevent allergies done by perfumes?

It is often observed with certain people, while walking through a section of perfume, they tend to develop nausea of headache.  If they come across any individual using high notes of scents, they feel the same way with the side-effects extended to Migraines, Asthma, Sinus Problems and allergies. Hence, it is imperative to know about the ingredients of your perfume atomiser, which may cause cancer or hormone disruptor in severe cases.


A recent lab test conducted on 17 top-notch brands revealed the presence of the followings in your perfume spray bottle:

  • 10 chemicals which causes severe allergic situation like headaches, asthma or wheezing.
  • 14 chemicals that have not been explicitly mentioned on the labels but causing serious side-effects.
  • 4 chemicals that can cause the serious impacts like thyroid problems or sperm damage.

So, does that mean you should give up with using your favorite perfumes? You can still smell like a rose by following some tips and you can easily prevent any type of headache and allergy by using some organic perfumes.


Tips to prevent allergies done by perfumes:


Look for a perfume which is essential oil based

These are unadulterated perfumes which can effectively manage your mood levels without giving away any toxic effects. While synthetics dominating the perfume market, it is imperative to have knowledge about choosing an essential oil based perfume. You can easily choose some perfumes made with essential oils and you can also check their ingredients or content from their label. They are mostly known as organic perfumes and they are using some essential oils and aroma extracts. They are safe to use and they cannot affect adversely.


Make your own perfume to prevent allergies:


You can make a perfume either by making perfume oil or a solid perfume. Both of these provide a long-lasting fragrance to its wearer without causing any side-effects which are generally prevalent in case of synthetically-made perfume.


  • For perfume oil – Choose appropriate carrier oil (1 tbsp) like Grapeseed or Jojoba to be mixed with 15-20 drops of essential oils. Preserve them in a crystal perfume bottle to use.
  • For Solid Perfumes- Beside above two ingredients, you shall also require 1 Tbsp of beeswax which needs to be melted in the double boiler. Remember, the other two ingredients should be added when the melted beeswax is not too hot. Store this in a glass perfume bottle to preserve.


How would you choose the best essential oils to make your own perfume?


Now, as we see that the essential oil plays a vital role in determining the fragrance of your desired perfume, choosing a perfect essential oil is crucial. Various essential oils have been segregated into 3 notes- Base, Middle and Top.


  • While the top notes evaporate quickly, they should be fresh and light. Notes like Eucalypts, Cajuput, Mandrain, Tangerline, lemon, Bergamot etc can be appropriate as the top notes. They can stay longer and you can use them for making your perfume. But always store them in an empty perfume bottle to keep them intact.
  • Middle notes are more subtle with their application and withhold the fragrance for few hours after its use. Rosemary, Juniper, Neroli Yarrow are some of the middle note that can be used appropriately to give an overwhelming effect to your perfume.
  • Intense notes which are pretty heavier form the base notes of any perfume. Rosewood, sandalwood, Ginger, Patchouli, Yalng Ylang are some of the suitable base notes which are commonly used.
  • The invigorating essence of grapefruit oil can be intermingled with a portion of ginger oil and vetiver essential oil to produce a kinky and fresh fragrance.
  • Orange, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood together is an exceptional composition giving away a sensual deep impact to its wearer.


A few tests needs to be undertaken while choosing a good scent. It starts with sniffing the perfume atomizer to understand how it smells. And if it suits you, you should go ahead to spray-a-bit over your skin (wrist area) and recheck it after an hour. It will help you to evaluate the lasting stay of a perfume. Also, never test the fragrances in the shop itself as you will never be able to understand the correct fragrance.


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